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about us

We are patient-focused

Our goal is always patient-focused by encouraging health, promoting healing, and enriching life. We exercise compassion and empathy to create an environment where everyone is welcome and receives the proper care they deserve. Exhort Health utilizes technology and well-established systems to create a patient-centric experience.

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Employee Health

With our membership program for employers looking to offer health benefits to employees. Employees can receive regular check-ins with your doctor, access to health management tools, and ongoing support/biometric monitoring. Learn more about our employee health options.

Occupational Medicine

We provide employer services and worker’s compensation care for lacerations, sprains, strains, burns, and much more.

Optimal Health

We offer services that are specify focused on helping you feel healthy and live in your most optimal health. Our goal is to help you feel your best.

Why Exhort Health

We are here for anyone who is seeking quality health care. Come visit us today. We support our community and would love to be your urgent care San Marcos!

We care

Exhort health believes that everyone is created equal under God, and each person is valuable and important.

We encourage

Our team members are compassionately enthusiastic about encouraging individuals, with a goal to serve and care for our patients.

We are patient-centric

We treat every patient with equal importance and we focus on customer service to deliver a patient experience that’s noticed.

We keep it simple

Unlike other health care clinics, Exhort Health provides simple, cost-effective, patient-focused care.

New patients are Welcome!

We would love to have you join us. Please call or make an appointment.